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Why is it everytime I try to make an SI they turn into OCs? These OCs are part of a story I'm currently writing that is sorta based off CLUE. The final OC however is my current attempt at a (mostly) SI. Names are first last.


Grey/Ghost: (SI/ Main OC/ Antagonist.)

Name: Shinri Shiranai. (Truth Unknown).

Hair: Black short shaggy hair with bangs covering one eye.

Eyes: Dull light grey.

Other: Has severe depression and schizophrenia. (Undifferentiated-type.)

Personality: Is very quiet and sombre though he loosens up around friends. He carries a lot of guilt on his shoulders.

Abilities: He is one of the most powerful illusionists in the story. he also has the ability of "Sacrifice". (He was chosen to be the "Hanged Man") He also has the ability to look into someone's past by touching them. Uses a gun.

Previous Timeline: He was thought to be the betrayer. He never died. He was the last to join the group. 

Current Timeline: He doesn't exist in the current timeline.

Important People: Ciel, Sei, Kumoko (Older 'sister'. Means: Spider child. (sorta?)), Naisei Shiranai(Nai)(Younger blood sister. Means: Unknown Reflection of One's self.), Zane, and Zen Maou.("Protector" means: Good Devil.)


Lady Scarlet: (Main Antagonist)

Name: Raine Absynthe.

Hair: Short straight red hair. 

Eyes: Red.

Other: Isn't human. She is a manifestation of death itself.

Personality: ???

Abilities: The ability of "Death." (She is the card: "Death") Usually uses a scythe.

Previous Timeline: The actual betrayer. Was killed by Shinri. One of the three founders.

Current Timeline: Doesn't exist in the new timeline.

Important People: Alise, Zane, Ciel, and others that are unknown.


Lady Violet: (Main Protagonist.)

Name: Ciel Hikari. (Light.)

Hair: Short straight bob that is rainbow striped. (Vertically.) (Dyed. Originally black.)

Eyes: Purple.

Other: N/A.

Personality: Bright, cheerful, and friendly. A bit oblivious and naieve.

Abilities: Can use "Color" magic and fights with a mace.

Previous Timeline: Was the last to die. Killed by Shinri. Was one of the founders.

Current Timeline: Going to art college for painting.

Important People: Raine, Sei, Shinri, Renji, Sai, Fuku, Fei, Haku, Ai, and other unknowns.


Mr. Blue: (Protagonist)

Name: Taisei Hogo. (Blackish-Blue Protection) (Nickname: Sei.)

Hair: Straight blue hair to shoulders. (Dyed. Originally brown.)

Eyes: Light blue eyes.

Other: Has mild ADD and a obsessive personality.

Personality: Slightly sadistic, fiercely protective, and a bit possessive. Caring, friendly, and outgoing with friends. Standoffish, flippant, and rude with others.

Abilities: Uses broadsword to fight. Can use "Energy" magic. Can also enter other people's minds.

Previous Timeline: Died by bullet wound. Killed by Raine. One of the founders. Was in a relationship with Shinri.

Current Timeline: Plays guitar at local clubs/cafes.

Important People: Yue, Ciel, Shinri, and Raine.


Lady Emerald:

Name: Ao Kirai. (Green Hatred.) (Nickname: Ai.)

Hair: Long straight platinum blond hair in a high ponytail, with bangs covering one eye.

Eyes: Emerald green.

Other: ???

Personality: Is a fashionista, and gossip-monger. Has a short fuse. Sweet and kind (sometimes.) Haunted by a bad past. Is an Avenger-type.

Abilities: Uses knuckles to fight. Has the ability to use "Strength" and "Speed" abilities.

Previous Timeline: Was drowned by Raine. Joined later. Was in a realtionship with Haku.

Current Timeline: Going to a fashion-design school. In a relationship with Haku.

Important People: Haku, Renji, and Sai.


Lady Rose:

Name: Haku Rozu. (Faded Rose)

Hair: Long light pink ringlets/curls.

Eyes: One ocean blue, one sea foam green.

Other: Has Androphobia. (fear of men.) Because of this she mostly only hangs around Ai, Ciel, Raine, and Fei and Fuku neither of whom she seems to see as male.

Personality: She is very timid and reserved. She is very gentle and seems fragile. She is very pacsifistic.

Abilities: She is quite capable of shield magic, ability boost magic, and healing magic. She fights using a Stave.

Previous Timeline: She died from a puncture wound. (Through the heart.) Was in a relationship with Ai.

Current Timeline: She is currently learning about herbal medicine, and is in a relationship with Ai.

Important People: Ai, Ciel, Raine, Fei, and Fuku.


Mr. Orange:

Name: Orenji Omoi. (Orange Heart). (Nickname: Renji.)

Hair: Short spiky brown hair with orange and blond highlights.

Eyes: Amber.

Other: He is the older twin. He is deeply in love with his brother to the point of slight obssession.

Personality: Very protective of his brother. Loves having fun and is a prankster. Very mischevious. He is the louder of the two.

Abilities: Uses Throwing knives and is capable of "Fire" magic.

Previous Timeline: Is persuaded to commit suicide after borther's death. Persuaded by Raine.

Current Timeline: Goes to an art college for sculpting.

Important People: Sai, Ai, Ciel, and Sei.


Mr. Yellow:

Name: Gosai Omoi. (Yellow Heart). (Nickname: Sai.)

Hair: Short spiky brown hair with orange and blond highlights.

Eyes: Gold.

Other: He is the younger twin. He is also deeply in love with his brother.

Personality: His obsession is slightly more obvious than his brother's. He is also slightly unhinged, but for the most part is far more quiet and gentle than his older brother.

Abilities: Very adept at "Sabotage" magic, but is also decent at support magic. Uses a katana.

Previous Timeline: Was basically gutted. Killed by Raine.

Current Timeline: Currently in college to become a social worker.

Important People: Renji, Ai, Ciel, and Sei.


Mr. Black:

Name: Fuki Kuroi. (Dying Black). (Nickname: Fuku.)

Hair: Short straight brown-black hair usually covered by his beanie.

Eyes: Black.

Other: Has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Was diagnosed about a week before the story starts. (Caused by his job at a factory and his smoking habit.)

Personality: Quiet and observant. Caring and dependable. Akward and unsure.

Abilities: Can use "Darkness." Uses three spears.

Previous Timeline: Died of drug overdose(murder) Murdered by Raine. Was in a relationship with Fei.

Current Timeline: Currently going to a hospital for treatment, and working part-time as a cartoonist. In a relationship with Fei.

Important People: Fei, Haku, Ciel, Sei, Raine, and Renji.


Mr. White:

Name: Feiku Howaido. (Fake White) (Nickname: Fei.)

Hair: Short spiky white hair. (Caused by chemical accident. Originally blond.)

Eyes: Glowing blue. (Caused by chemical accident. Originally hazel.)

Other: Has severe Avoidant Personality Disorder and Dependent Personality Disorder. (Caused by past trauma.)

Personality: Extremely shy and fragile. Not in the best mindset. Cautious and frightened. He opens up more with the group.

Abilities: Is adept at "Water" magic and also quite good at "Ice" magic. He uses a hammer.

Previous Timeline: Was the first to die. Killed by blunt force to the head. killed by Raine. Was in a relationship with Fuku.

Current Timeline: Currently unemployed and in pyschiatric help. Lives with and is in a relationship with Fuku.

Important People: Fuku, Haku, Ciel, Sei, Raine, and Sai.


SI (Current):

Name: Yue Rosuto. (Reason Lost)

Hair: Straight dull orange hair to his shoulders usually kept in a low ponytail with bangs.

Eyes: Grey.

Other: Has OCD and DID(MPD). His other personalities are: Jou Rosuto (Emotion Lost) and Mikomi Rosuto (Hope Lost).

Personality: Is very shy and anti-social. Even so he is rather caring and is very understanding. (Usually...) He often seems lost.

Abilities: Is a powerful healer and has the ability to see the future. (As well as limited telekinesis.) When he fights whjich isn't often he uses a pipe or a staff.

Previous Timeline: Isn't a part of the story though he used to friends with Sei. (They got seperated and Sei believes him to be dead.)

Current Timeline: (See above.)

Important People: Sei, Alice Liddell(Amercian McGee), Totsuka(K), Izumo(K), Eric(K), Chitose(K), Dewa, Fujishima, Yata, Saruhiko, Munakata, Anna, Seri, Shouhei, Bandou, Rikio, Yashiro, Neko, Kuroh, and Mikoto.

  • Listening to: Into The Labyrinth by Kraddy
  • Reading: Saving Connor by Lightning on the Wave
  • Watching: N/A
  • Playing: French Vocab Study Games. Yay. -.-
  • Eating: Lays.
  • Drinking: Pepsi.


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